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Ramadan Volunteer Sign Up

Your masjid needs your help. Come to American Muslim Center and volunteer for the days you can give back to your community. We need help with food distribution, cleanup, and more.
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Vision Statement

FAITH- We believe that nurturing the spirituality of all our members and guests is paramount. We believe that the core teachings of Islam are universal and timeless, providing guidance and instruction for all people, regardless of background.

FAMILY- We believe that it is critical to make this Center family-friendly. This means promoting programs and events that are welcoming to women, accommodating to children, and relevant to youth.

SERVICE- We seek to engage the broader society in acts of virtue and common good. We strive to partner with other organizations, recognizing that the Muslim community must reach out and play an active role in the broader community. The directors, volunteers, staff and members of the American Muslim Center stand by these principles. We seek God's help in upholding them with integrity and with steadfastness.


  • Moderation in words and actions. Kindness in our dealing with others. Patience at all times.
  • Respect for all attendees and guests.
  • Committed to shuro and accepting majority decisions.


  • A Sustainer is a Member who supports and sustains the AMC events and programs.
  • Must adhere to all Subscriber requirements, and
  • Commits to paying Membership Dues (minimum of $20 per month). o Qualified to vote in yearly Directors' Elections.

Team Leader

  • A Team Leader is a Member who plans and participates in overseeing and running AMC events and programs.
  • Must adhere to all Sustainer requirements, and
  • Responsible for supervising and coordinating the programs or events of his or her Team. Qualified to have his or her name on the ballot as a nominee in the yearly Directors' Elections. The Team Leaders shall be responsible for:
  • The religious, social, cultural affairs and activities of the AMC.
  • The organization and promotion of the services and programs of the AMC. The implementation of strategies and policies set by the BOD.
  • The preparation of an annual budget to achieve the vision and mission set by the BOD.